Quincy Beach – Almost Spring!

Spring is almost here for us long-suffering Bostonians!  It’s not quite feeling spring-like but the sun has come out, things are popping out of the snow, and the temperature is slowly rising.  In honor of that, I took a walk on the beach one evening and took pictures. I’m hoping to catch the beach in a variety of seasons this year!


The snow is melting in these really cool crystalline shapes.  It’s fun to watch the landscape change!


The little tree-covered peninsula that’s currently gracing the top of my page – that’s the Boston skyline behind it. I’m really looking forward to watching this change with the seasons.


The light from the sunset reflecting on the (east-facing) beach.  I loved how the wet sand turned into water and then flowed into the sky.


Footprints in the wet sand! I thought about walking out to the water’s edge but it was getting dark quickly.


Birds on the sea! Sorry for the lack of sharpness in this photo.  Beware, the next photo is kinda gruesome, so don’t continue scrolling if you’re not in a mindset to see anything icky.


I know it’s really gross, but I thought this looked very cool and sparse in the way it was laid out.  One of those rare awesome but awful photos – I promise they’re very rarely featured in my blog.

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