St. Patty’s Day Parade

My roommate and I met up with some friends last Sunday for the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Southie. It ended up being very entertaining! (And to the dude on the T who kept on swigging whiskey and following with Coke – just dump out half the soda, put the whiskey in the coke bottle, and drink both at the same time.  So much easier to sneak your alcohol in that way!)

IMG_1537 IMG_1528

These two adorable little girls were in the same parade float (van) but having two very different experiences.


Some Revolutionary Army reenactors, of course.  Celebrating the Saint Patrick’s day long history of….American wars?


I love the festive mustaches! People watching was honestly the best part of the day.



Two awesome party-goers!  I love how the little girl’s jacket goes all the way up to her helmet-hat.




The closest thing to a float the parade had.  I am unsure as to it’s purpose but it was fun to watch.

Being honest, the parade itself wasn’t that fantastic – mostly vans, no big floats, though there were a lot of bands which were fun to listen to.  I have a second post coming up with more parade views, but I’d definitely recommend going!

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