Japan Festival Boston

Today my friends and I met up at the Japan Festival in the Boston Commons.  I was hoping to see some dancers but we seemed to have timed it exactly wrong.  We did, however, see a lot of other fun things, so it was completely worth the trip!

IMG_2201        IMG_2258

Many attendees dressed up to varying levels – from a mask or wig to full on cosplay.  Actually, wandering around in the crowd turned out to be my favorite part of the event.


Resting for a minute to play a friendly card game!

IMG_2228 IMG_2298

The woman on the left was manning a wish booth, where they tied wishes to the “tree” shown – I’m not sure whose booth it was; please let me know if you do!  On the right, was an older man who took a moment to teach a younger gentleman some of the basics of what I believe is Tai Chi.  Despite his age, he was seriously flexible and had incredibly muscle control.


The unofficial martial arts corner, where some young men were showing off their skills to each other.  I stood and watched for fifteen minutes – I would love to be able to move like that!


Candy Miyuki, who makes gorgeous candy art as you  watch – a most excellent show! I highly recommend it. (Her website is currently down; I’ll try to remember to link when it’s working.)


And finally, as we were walking back to my car, we saw a line of Segueway-ers coming up the bridge and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.

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