Texas State Aquarium

Another old collection of photos – the weather’s slowly getting better and I’m spending more time outside, but it’s a slow process.

This is from a visit to my favorite aquarium, the Texas State Aquarium – loads of aquatic animals and fun! IMG_0634

A little seascape! A lot of the exhibits featured animals that were very still, so I could work on getting a nice composition, which was a welcome change of pace.


This little guy, however, was dancing around excitedly with his leaf.


Feeding time in the big tank – and I do mean big!


A pretty sparkly fish! Like Rainbow fish!


A little seahorse who was waving in the water, just chill-axin’.  That’s the life, man.


And, of course, the turtle picture! The aquarium helps with a sea turtle rehab project and has a big tank outside by the dolphin exhibit.  (yes, dolphins!)

Not pictured: a local aquatic life exhibit, birds of prey, a giant crocodile, dolphins, and a large touch tank with stingrays and sand sharks. The aquarium is huge!

This is definitely my favorite aquarium, even after they got rid of their jellyfish columns exhibit – sorry, Boston, Quebec, and Albuquerque.  If you find yourself in Corpus, you should head over and check it out!

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