Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular

This year, my friends and I celebrated the 4th of July together, in fine old style. IMG_4454

You start with good food and good beer.


Add in a good friend or four (and some bubbles!)


A waterborne Santa.


A couple of Navy paratroopers.


And some beautiful skylines.


Finish it off with fireworks and you’ve got a pretty dang awesome 4th of July.


Throw in an excellent moonrise, just for the occasion!


This was the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen, by far.


There was a ton of variety, more fireworks than should be considered sane, and considerable skill and artwork in the display.


Plus this.  This was cool.


These willow-like falls of gorgeous golden sparks were my absolute favorite of all the fireworks used. Rozzi Fireworks was responsible for the amazing display.

It was definitely an experience worth having, if you find yourself in Boston around the 4th – the crowds were pretty bad at the end, but between the always fabulous Boston Pops, the amazing fireworks, and some great friends for amusement, I thought it was definitely worth it.

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