Wollaston Beach Sunrise

Last weekend I dragged myself out of bed at 6 am for a lovely sunrise on the beach.  The weather gods were in my favor and it was actually quite a lovely way to spend the early morning hours. IMG_9074

It wasn’t the blah of the last sunrise I attempted, or the dramatic sunset of a storm-filled sky, but rather a lovely pastel awakening of the day.


It was partly cloudy, light on the cloudy, which was the perfect combination for a peaceful morning.


I hadn’t realized how much the low tide left exposed – the little sailboats were stranded!


Everybody was gearing up for a day on the water.  Though mostly quiet, there were a few people out and about enjoying the early morning.


The yacht club in the early morning. (I put the linked picture up on my wall in my new place and it looks so lovely! I’m so happy that it turned out well in print.)


And finally, another boatscape – this time for the pastel color.

It was truly a lovely morning! I’m the farthest thing from a morning person, but mornings like this make getting out of bed before 8 am a worthwhile endeavor.

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