SBS Sports

So if you’ve been wondering why my blog went silent for a while, it’s because I picked up my first paying photography gig – photographing championships for Social Boston Sports.  I’m absolutely in love with this gig – it’s flexible, fun, and I love sports photography but never get a chance to practice it.


They play kickball… (I loved how the players played the game to the best of their abilities, but were clearly there to have fun first and foremost.)


Soccer… (I love this shot! Intermediate soccer playoffs!)


Dodgeball… (terrifying! Also, the lighting is often a challenge for me during the games, but I’m enjoying learning how to best work in the non-optimal lighting conditions).


Flag football… (strange to this Texan but they always aimed for the flag!)


And softball! (Sliding technically not allowed, but that’s okay.)

I’ve enjoyed this new challenge – and the money’s nice too! – and there’s more sports waiting for me to get out there and snap pictures! I’m especially excited about winter sports – some of them we get to shoot on skates!

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