New Hampshire Foliage

I took a mental health day to run up to the White Mountains to see the foliage.  Probably the best decision of the month!


The light shining through the leaves! I was originally going to hike up a Presidential but they were already past their peak foliage (only the southern Whites were at peak).  I ended up popping up to Lonesome Lake and then hiking around the Flume.


It felt like walking through a golden wonderland. It was so gorgeous!


And I finally snapped a shot of a chipmunk! I’d been trying to do this for ages – I’m really happy with this one.


The lights through the trees near the Lafayette campgrounds.


The yellow leaves were lovely!


But the red ones are my favorite.

IMG_3006  IMG_3145

A fully turned tree and a tree just starting to turn!


A mountain just barely past peak foliage!  I passed a few right at peak foliage when driving, but I couldn’t find a safe spot to pull over to take pictures (and I would really need a wide-angle lens to do them justice, too.)


In the parking lot of the Flume!  It was so beautiful!

If you’ve got the time, there’s still a few days left at peak foliage in the southern Whites – I’d highly recommend going for at least a drive if you can.  My pictures don’t do the mountains justice!

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