Inner tube Water Polo

It’s a thing! It’s a sport! It’s a sport I had the pleasure of shooting just last week and I was so very amused and happy to be there that I had to share it on my blog. IMG_4791

It works by the regular rules of water polo, except you have to be in an inner tube and you can’t touch your tube with your hands unless you have the ball.  (I think. I don’t know much about any kind of polo.)


But, make no mistake, it’s a still a serious sport!


And it got quite competitive.


They defended like basketball players.


But my favorite part was watching people scramble for possession of the ball – it’s actually legal to dump people out of their inner tubes if they have possesion!


But, of course, the ultimate goal for this sport (and any of SBS‘ sports) is to have fun.  Which everyone present pretty much achieved – ref, athletes, photographer, and life guard included.

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