Fat Biking

It’s Winter School time with my local outdoors club and a-hiking I have been!  Three times, but the first time it was way too rainy to risk taking my camera out and the last time my camera was in the shop (but it was such a beautiful day! I borrowed my friend’s phone to take pictures and if he’s alright with it, I’ll post the pictures.)


However, the second time was the charm!  I didn’t really go hiking – I went fat biking at a ski resort in New Hampshire.  It was a lovely trek down a snow-covered path, surrounded by winter forest.


On a bridge on the trail.  This was all the uphill part – hard but worth the downhill ride!


Our group, with our under-inflated fat-tired bikes!  I didn’t know you could bike in the snow like this but I was instantly addicted!


It snowed and was grey and cloudy all day (despite promises of sunny weather) but it was a joy to be outside nonetheless. See the tracks in the snow?!


I love snow-covered fir trees.


We followed a brook for quite a while.


The ice floating down the river was my favorite.

Winter is here, and even though it’s looking like a mild one, the best antidote to the weather is to go be outside in the weather.  Because there’s nothing lovelier than spending all day tromping around in a winter wonderland.

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