Moats Traverse

As promised, the photos I snatched from Hans from our recent winter hiking trip.  I still wish my camera had been available, but I think these pictures still show how beautiful and amazing the hike was.


Hans caught this one as we were stopping to snack and take pictures.  (It was a warm day and even above treeline, I didn’t need to wear anything more than my base layer.)

IMG_20160131_141707477   IMG_20160131_165659460_HDR

Our trip leader, pausing, oh-so-artfully, for a quick drink.  And a waterfall we hit on the north edge of the traverse, only half a mile from the parking lot.


The view from Middle Moat – if you look closely in the background, you can see Mount Washington.  (It’s the white one.) The lighting was really gorgeous, with the sun just barely coming through the clouds.  The picture really doesn’t do it justice.


And the waterfall, one last time, as the sun was setting and we were rushing back, trying to be the first ones to the restaurant – we weren’t, but I think we had the better hike anyways!

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