Springtime Flowers

It’s kinda sorta mostly springtime and everything but the trees is blooming!


I took a walk on Sunday down to my local pond, where someone had planted daffodils.


I went during the sunset and the flowers caught the glow of the sunlight.


Their cheerful yellow color made me so happy! (There were also small blue ones but I don’t know what they were.)


I decided to walk on (I walked about 5.5 miles on, actually) and see what else was blooming.  I saw quite  few wildflowers – feel free to name them in the comments if you know them!


These little purple ones reminded me of wildflowers in Texas, though they’re more jewel-toned.


The cute baby blue ones were my favorite.  I loved the colors and the lines and the way they cluster together.


I ended up at the Wollaston cemetery (which has gravestones from people born in the 1700s!) and walked around.  It was a rather nice wander, actually – it’s a very pretty cemetery, and still in use, I think, though I was mostly interested in the older gravestones and  monuments.

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