EastOver 2016

Continuing last year’s tradition, we hosted an Easter/Passover celebration.  This year, the weather was much nicer and we spent a good chunk of time out at the beach, flying kites.  (EastOver consists of an Easter basket scavenger hunt, decorating Easter eggs, tons and tons of delicious Passover food, and flying kites.)


We didn’t go as all out this year with the eggs, but we had fun dying them nonetheless!

IMG_9792   IMG_9955

The big highlight of our day was going out into the beautiful spring weather to fly our kites as the sun was setting.


Well, Hans and Ariel flew kites.  Lupe (above) beachcombed for shells with Anna.


It took quite a bit of doing to get the kites up – but once up, they flew like champs!


Here are Lupe’s prizes! It was low tide so there were many lovely shells to choose from.


From the beach you can see the sunset framing the Boston skyline.


There were tons of planes in the air today, leaving trails all over the sky.


This is my favorite picture of Ariel.  I love how intently she was enjoying flying her kite.


Watching the kites fly above the skyline.


And a final shot of Lupe and Anna saying goodbye to the beach as we prepared to leave.  It was the best way to spend an evening – everyone was happily occupied, the weather was wonderful, and the scenery was amazing.

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