Acadia National Park

For Memorial Day, my friends and I headed up to Acadia National Park for some camping.  After a rocky start – well, root-y; Hans high-centered his car over a tree root in the campgrounds and knocked out his muffler – we had a pretty darn good time.


First stop was to the nearby botanical gardens, the Asticou Azalea Garden, where everything was in bloom!


All the different colors and flowers made for a relaxing walk in the sunshine.


This flower was my favorite – it looks like it’s flying!


There was a tiny stream with a family of ducks that came out to eat and scratch their ears.


And the azaleas, blooming like mad.


After that, we headed out to the Jordan Pond House, where Anna and Hans got popovers and I ate some delicious lobster soup.   Here, you can see the Bubble mountains over Jordan Pond.  We hiked around Jordan Pond for most of the afternoon.


Finally, Anna and Hans went to Sand Beach, where Anna graciously took pictures for me (I had a raging headache and ended up napping in the car for this part.) This gentleman was truly enjoying the sunshine and the sand.


Anna grabbed this amazing shot of the waves crashing on the beach – thanks, Anna!  I loved getting to see my missed part of the trip.

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