Fwinter in Welch-Dickey

It’s time to celebrate that special time of year – Fwinter, which is the point where it’s fall on the bottom of the mountain and winter on the top.  (Yes, this is a Phineas and Ferb rip-off but I’m okay with it.)


It was raining a little bit as we started hiking and I kept on finding these gorgeous leaves with red, yellow, and orange parts – they looked like flames.  I picked up a whole bunch of them and they’re currently pressing.


We decided to hike Welch-Dickey because we wanted an easy hike with great views (and I’m pretty sure the northern White Mountains were blown out). We weren’t expecting the snow – it was the perfect surprise!


Hans at the lookout point on Welch!


More from the lookout point – ‘fwinter!  I love grey, sunshine-peaking days.


Looking down, we saw winter on top, fall on bottom.  The mountains rolled away in a consistently changing landscape.


Once we passed the lookout point on Welch, everything was covered in a small, fine dusting of snow – I’ve never seen the mountains in the blush of the first snow(s) before!


At the summit of Dickey, the deciduous shrubs were still turning but covered with snow.


Looking down and west from Dickey – the sun was playing peek-a-boo onto the foliage covered mountains.


But on the east side of Dickey, where the mountains were a little higher, the snow was starting to cover the mountains.


On our way down, back in the fall part of the mountain.  I kept on stopping to pick up leaves that looked like fire so Hans got quite a ways ahead of me.




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