Thanksgiving in Texas

I went down to Texas for Thanksgiving this year – it was a good year!  There had been a lot of rain and everything was fairly green, so I spent a lot of time walking around with my (new) camera.  (Thanks, Grandma!)

_k3a9786  4k3a1221

The horses were lapping up the leftover liquid from our honey baked ham (who knew?) and Sawyer and Eric were wrestling a little bit.


The cows came up in hopes of a Thanksgiving feast themselves.


Out in our old corral, it turns out we have a bit of a butterfly garden! The monarch butterflies really loved the lantana.


And the little red flowers, which I haven’t seen bloom in a couple of years.  Same for the morning glories in the bottom right-hand corner – El Nino finally brought enough rain for the flowers to bloom.


This butterfly looks like a leaf, which was very cool.

4k3a1482 4k3a1584

More morning glories and a little grey butterfly on the left. The yellow one on the right – those butterflies would not stay still long enough for me to get a good photo of them.  They move so quickly!


And finally, a little spider from the pond on western edge of our property.  They’re everywhere in the brush – I’m always having to brush their webs out of my hair.

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