New Year’s in Sugarloaf, ME


My roommate organized a trip up to Sugarloaf, Maine for a cross-country skiing weekend to celebrate the New Year’s – it was gorgeous!


I couldn’t go skiing due to an unfortunate phlebotomy accident (don’t worry; I’m healing quite nicely!) but I definitely got to head out snowshoeing and ice skating and spend some quality time with my camera – here’s Moose Bog.


I caught the sunset at the end of the day – fantastically beautiful! (And the product of HDR editing; I’m playing with some new techniques here.)  I loved being out in the snow.


I was particularly fascinated by snow on the branches – I took a ton of pictures of snowy branches and ended up picking this one.  I took my wide-angle lens out and while it was fantastic for the landscape above, I wish I’d taken a telephoto lens for some close ups.

_k3a0326    _k3a9849

I went with several friends, and Ariel (left) graciously agreed to pose for me during our snowshoe hike.   On the right – more snowy branches!

It was tons of fun – all day outside and then at night, cooking and card games until we passed out, exhausted.  A lovely time was had by all (even though all of my friends snore!)

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