San Antonio Zoo

Hello all!  I’m settled in New Zealand and slowly exploring my new city and hopefully country.  I haven’t taken my camera out yet (but am planning to this weekend!) and so am going to start processing the backlog of photos I’ve taken.

First, a trip to the San Antonio Zoo from a birthday party in May!

Carl and Denitsa 3

An alligator of blue!

Carl and Denitsa 3-2

The elephants at the zoo are old ladies, but they’re very peaceful to watch.

Carl and Denitsa 3-3

And the giraffes! The giraffe exhibit was new since the last time I’d been there – you could get really close to them and they were super active.

Carl and Denitsa 3-4

And they make the weirdest faces.  Constantly.  Baby John (whose birthday we were celebrating) really enjoyed watching the giraffes!

Carl and Denitsa 3-5

The rhinos!  Their enclosure is so bare.

Carl and Denitsa 3-6

A grumpy cheetah.  His face looks so sad, but I think he was just annoyed and curious about us strange humans.

Carl and Denitsa 3-7

And this little guy dashed across my path right as we were leaving.  I didn’t know that squirrels came in two-toned!

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