Shenandoah National Park

My first stop on my road trip was Shenandoah National Park.  I only had half a day there, and it wasn’t enough! Shenandoah was gorgeous.

Carl and Denitsa 3

Shenandoah is long and narrow and there’s a long road that goes right down the middle of it, with lots of viewpoints to park at and marvel.  It’s super accessible if you have mobility issues!

Carl and Denitsa 3-2

You can see the mountains from the so many places and everywhere is beautiful and deep green.

Carl and Denitsa 3-3

I found a little patch of thistles growing on an overlook! So cute!

Carl and Denitsa 3-4

I loved the combination of lush green forests and mountains.

Carl and Denitsa 3-5

A ridgeline! I really wanted to go hiking – I’m definitely heading back with some friends for a hiking and camping vacation.

Carl and Denitsa 3-6

The final viewpoint! I actually saw the cutest little black bear after this but I wasn’t fast enough with my camera to catch her roly-poly run up the side of the road to hide in the forest.  It was still my favorite part of the trip.

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