Hello and welcome to Elephant Rocks!  A beautiful spot in northern Otago, it’s actually a fossil/geological site. AND it was where they filmed Aslan’s camp in “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.”


Here’s the approaching view. There are sheep running in between the boulders.


One of my classmates, Aaron, examining a boulder.


I’m relatively sure hordes of magical creatures streamed over these rocks.


Way in the back there are the Kakanui mountains.  They’re gorgeous; I want to go there so badly.


A tiny plant growing in a boulder! I loved it.  (It’s also a composite image, haha.  I’m learning new skills!)


More lovely landscape.  Can you believe this is the dead of winter, Boston friends?


I found names scratched on the boulders (which are actually full of fossils so not the best idea.)


We popped on down the trail it’s on – the Vanished World Trail – and saw these very cool cliffs on the way out.  Lovely!

Next up – baa-baa baby sheep!!!


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