Lake Wanaka

The second stop on my south Island tour was Wanaka, where I spent a day walking around the town and buying souvenirs, then went for a sunset walk around the lake.


I wasn’t the only one out enjoying the day – lots of other people were out and about.  I’m hoping my middle brother comes out visit and we can grab a fishing charter on the lake.


I loved all the trees lining the shoreline.  I kept on taking pictures with them framing the water but this was the only usable one.


And…I’m just going to say that I have a weird obsession with photographing ducks.


They’re so cute! And you can get so close!


I thought this looked like the most picturesque place to read a book or chat with a friend.


People were walking their dogs around (and in!) the lake.  These pups were having the most fun.


Of course I got on the swing and played.


And finally, the marina where they kept the boats!  I loved the snow in the mountains.

Wanaka was a really chill town! I’m looking forward to going back eventually and exploring some more.

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