Milford Sound

My first stop on my southern island trip was Milford Sound – gorgeous! I went on a kayak trip (you can also take a cruise around the sound but I love kayaking.)


The sound is surrounded by mountains and it was a lovely foggy day – they predicted rain all day but it didn’t actually rain until we heading in at the very end of the day.


Everything was super green and lovely!


So here’s a cool fact: The trees and vegetation all grow on a rock base so they can’t really root themselves down; instead the roots all tangle together to form a mat.  When the rain gets real bad, it can cause whole swaths of trees slide off the rocks into the sound.


Another sea lion picture! So cute!!!


There’s a lot of waterfalls that pop up when it rains, but this big one goes constantly.


My kayaking group!  We were all fashionably decked out in striped base layers and bright rain jackets and kayak skirts.  I had a really great time and would totally recommend it!

2 thoughts on “Milford Sound

  1. Wow ! So spectacular !
    Your pictures come to life and what an amazing place to be.
    I would love to be in such great shape that I could do this trip. Oh well I’ll just live the experience through your lens. That makes me happy as well.
    Thanks for sharing and keep enjoying life on your terms. Brave, Beautiful and Bold that’s you.
    Peace Out.


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