Dunedin, Part I

I finally remembered to take my camera with me as I walked around town.  Dunedin is a very cute city, but I’m not great at street photography so I’m not really doing it justice. I took my camera on a walk from my department to the yoga studio I go to.


Much like San Marcos back home in Texas, Dunedin is dominated by the university culture.  It’s finals time here, and a couple of students were blowing off steam with a dance party on their balcony. It’s fairly common here for students to name their flats – hence the “Trump Tower” signs.  Also, the red wagon below is the campus dairy (convenience store) in its temporary home while the building gets redone.

_K3A3614    _K3A3642

This is the Leith River, which runs right through campus (it really does remind me of Texas State, except slightly less hilly!) There’s always a ton of birds hanging around, usually a student or two practicing skateboard tricks and feeding the birds.  The cones, though, are not a usual feature.


The walls around the river are full of street art/graffiti (some of it is clearly commissioned) and this is by far my favorite piece.  I see it every day as I walk up to my floor and it always makes me smile.


As you head away from the campus into the town center, this building has a fairytale motif going on. There’s the Fairy Godmother, Maleficent, Peter Pan, Gepetto and Pinocchio, the Chesire Cat, Jack, Cinderella’s coach, and the Wizard of Oz crew.   Let me know if I’ve missed any!

_K3A3660   _K3A3696

When you turn from the university onto George Street, the main part of Dunedin, the penguin mural is just down the block! It’s very new – I saw the artist painting it the first week I was in New Zealand.  On the right is one of my favorite things about Dunedin – the notice columns! In the US, I’m used to only seeing these on campuses, but here there’s several scattered throughout the town. I love stopping and seeing what’s happening.


Finally, I arrived at Studio Tula, where I do yoga a couple days a week.  I really love it – it’s small but not crowded, everyone is incredibly friendly and the teachers are fantastic.

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