Dunedin Botanic Garden, Part II

It’s full on spring now and I went back to the gardens to see what was to be seen.  The gardens are only a half mile or so from my house, so it’s the easiest thing in the world to pop down Saturday or Sunday after finishing up cooking or some housework.


The gardens have a great variety of plants and I’m trying to get the names of them when I can, but a lot of it isn’t labelled.  So please feel free to identify any of the plants in hte comments.


These little flowers were absolutely gorgeous – I loved their arrangement, size, and coloring.


And these ones were right across from the pond.  I’m really enchanted by plants where the buds are different colors than the flowers.


This is the little pond the flowers were nearby. There was a woman painting it in watercolors when I walked by – I wish I was that talented!


The gardens go up the side of a small hill and though it’s not steep to walk up, it does make for some very lovely views.


After I was done walking around and saying hello to the birds, I sat in a lawn and read a book for an hour.  I kept on getting distracted by the light through the grass.


I didn’t quite do it justice, but the views were amazing, if distracting from my novel!


The sun was setting as I made my way home.  Dunedin’s heart is nestled in a valley and the town goes up hills on both sides – so I could stand on one hillside and take pictures of another.


On the way home, I took pictures of a few flowers growing into the sidewalks.  Dunedin is very green! This rose was one of my favorites – I loved the faded edges of the petals.


And, just to take a small break from the close-ups, a flowering bush waving in the sunlight.  It was an amazing evening.

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