Dunedin Botanical Gardens, Part III

This is the non-rose portion of my last trip – a beautiful sunny day where I had a lovely walk and even made a new friend! 


This is a little grove of flowers by the Night ‘n’ Day (a 24 hour convenience store, or dairy; the only place in town that’s open past 9 or 10 pm.) 


The bees were buzzing around and I had to snap a shot!


The lights shining through a 100 year old tree at the botanic gardens. I need to bring my wide-angle lens and take a few pictures of this beauty.


The hill the gardens go up; I was standing right behind the rose beds when I took this picture.


The gardens have a couple of open fields and this guy was playing with his puppy in them.


And then he brought her over so I could say hi! Meet Oreo, a 10 week old Border Collie with a big personality.


She was this adorable ball of energy but she can sit still for treats. You’re not supposed to bring dogs into the botanic gardens, so don’t, but if you do, please let me play with them!


Finally, I saw these weird plants in my front yard on the way home! Does anyone know what they are?

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