Dunedin Around Town Part II

This post is the walk back from the yoga studio, a continuation of my first Dunedin post.


This is the public library, one of my favorite places in any city! I usually pop in every couple of weeks for an hour or so.  The ground floor has a big 4-sided screen display which is usually playing images of NZ wildlife.  It’s apparently quite contentious – the library posts (and responds to) all of the comment cards on their community bulletin board and quite a few are complaining about the display.


This is George street, the business heart of Dunedin.  Every shop has its own sign and, of course, the McDonald’s is an important landmark here!


The steeple in the distance is Knox church, another important landmark.  It’s fairly old by Kiwi standards and incredibly pretty. This is, by the way, what rush hour in Dunedin looks like.  It’s a nice change of pace after Boston!


A map of Dunedin! It’s fairly hard to get lost here – the layout is more or less sensible and it’s small.  The little circle down at the left corner is known as the Octagon – it’s like a teensy-tiny, itsy-bitsy version of the 410/1604 loops in San Antonio (or 610/Beltway 8 for my Houstonian friends.)


Another shot of the Knox church and the hill that goes up behind it.  The persepective flattens out the hill a bit, but if you look north, east or west from George street, you’re looking up an incline.


This is the annex to the Otago Museum.  When I first came, I thought it was the entire museum and I was really disappointed by how small it was. (The real museum entrance is set back a ways from the road, but rest assured: it’s much larger!)


And finally, because I can’t really just take pictures of buildings and signs, the lawn in front of the Otago Museum.  This is one of my favorite places in Dunedin: it’s large and green, with beautiful trees, plenty of people relaxing on sunshine-filled days, and where I can find my favorite food truck on Fridays.

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