Roller Derby

In college, I took a rollerskating class (it was hardcore!) with a friend who was also taking a photography class (She also blogs, but about food.)  Naturally, when we heard the San Antonio Rollercade we skated at was hosting a roller derby, we decided it was a photographic adventure not to be missed.


I have to admit, I still have no idea what roller derby entails. But it was a great deal of fun to watch!


It’s a brutal sport, though! Very physical – these women were serious athletes.


And speedy! I apologize for the graininess – my camera at the time did not handle low light that well!


Bam, bam, bam! Another one bites the dust.  You have to be resilient to be a derby girl.


The woman to the left in the pink is trying to keep her up; the woman in the black is trying to knock her down.


The players take the game very, very seriously – and so should any spectators! Pick a team at random and cheer for them until you  can no longer speak.  It’s the only proper way to spectate.

I think we paid about $3 each for our tickets, so it was a very low-cost fun night with my friends.  It was high-action, exhilarating, and noisy – I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody with a low tolerance for bright lights and noise but otherwise, it’s a great way to spend an evening at a fun sporting event!

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