Quebec: Inside the Aquarium

And this is (I think) the actual last Quebec post, featuring the aquatic beasties that reside inside the aquarium. IMG_0901

Obligatory turtle picture!  The aquarium, despite being excellent in many ways, was sadly deficient in the turtle department.


There were, however, lots of cool fish that I hadn’t seen before.


And some wicked awesome sea anemones in their aquarium tunnel (loved that, by the way!)


A few gigantic groupers (..I think?)


And some very weird reptiles on the top floor.


There were cephalopods, which I had certainly never seen before – and which were the coolest! I loved watching them swim around the tank.


And some worm-y sea creatures.  I’ve seen them before, but haven’t posted on it yet, apparently.


One of the things I really appreciated about the aquarium was the very nice arrangements within the exhibits.  Everything was very pleasing to the eye.

In short, the aquarium was a blast and you should definitely head that way if you’re in Quebec! Both the inside and outside was amazingly fun, informative, and just a great way to spend an afternoon, even a bitterly cold one!

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