Snow Day!

It snowed in Boston (actually, in quite a bit of the northeast) and it was absolutely lovely the next day – I wish I could’ve grabbed some pictures in the morning, but I took a walk in the afternoon, after a bit had melted and took a few pictures. IMG_8846

The marsh by my apartment, covered in snow.


Through the marsh grass – the sky was absolutely lovely this evening!


A nearby street crossing, facing into the setting sun.  The snow was really sticking to the trees because of the icing effect from the warmer temperatures.


Someone had kindly donated a shoe to the power lines. It was filled with snow.


I found a little stand of trees to admire.


Here, the sun is setting over a busy intersection near a park.


And a last picture as the sun was dipping below the horizon.   It was such a great time to be wandering around (and not terribly cold, either! I don’t think this snow is going to last.)

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