Wollaston Beach in Winter

Winter decided to make itself known in a big way Presidents’ day weekend (and leave immediately after.)  The ponds froze through and that meant it was time to go ice skating!


Or, more accurately, play pond hockey (I think I was the only person just skating, but it was such a great time! I hope they freeze again before spring gets here.)


The bay was also freezing over, with ice forming and breaking at the shoreline.


There are birds on the ice, though you can’t see them clearly.  They were just chilling on the little ice patches.  (I only brought my wide angle lens.)


I’ve never seen the water so green or the colors so lovely and muted.  Every season changes the landscape so drastically!


And the contrast between the sand, rocks, and snow!  So incredibly lovely.


Finally, the yacht club in winter.  It was a lovely day to be out and about.  Braving the winter weather always brings me gorgeous views!

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