Animals of New Zealand

I went on a week long trip around the Southern Island for my school’s spring break. 聽I took lots of pictures and had a fantastic time – if you ever get the chance to vacation in NZ, absolutely do it! But here – the animals I saw. 馃檪


Kia on car

I was waiting for the tunnel to open to Milford Sound (it takes about 5 minutes if you catch the light) and when I got out to take pictures, a kea landed on my car! They’re alpine parrots, very friendly and incredibly smart.


Kia investigating car

This little dude then flew over to the next car and popped his head in the window to investigate! When I was loading up my car a few days later, one tried to unzip my suitcase.


kea photographed

Oh, yes, he knows he’s fabulous.


kia with cracker

I popped outside after making dinner and a different kea was cleaning up after some messy guests!


kia saying hello

She ended up sharing her food with her friend – and I finally got a shot of the bright underside of their wings. 聽So pretty!


seal rolling

I went kayaking the next day and we ran into a seal who was digesting food by rolling around in the water next to us. 聽So much fun to watch!


penguin walking

And we saw a penguin!! This is a Fiordland Crested Penguin, and he was just out for a walk when we passed by. 聽My first NZ penguin sighting!!!


sea lion diving

We then saw a juvenile sea lion making a graceful dive into the water. 聽It was quite funny – he just slipped and bumbled down the rocks until bam! he hit the water.



And finally, ducks in Wanaka. 聽They were super cute and just swimming around as the sun set.

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