Rottnest Island

On Superbowl Sunday (that’s a Monday for Australia), I took the ferry out to Rottnest Island – which was playing the game! – and rented a bike to roam around the island.


The outer edges of the island are gorgeous sandy beaches, with plenty of sunshine and beautiful blue skies.


And on the inside are large salt lakes with sea foam on the rock beaches.


The island is populated by marsupials known as quokkas.  They’re supposed to be nocturnal but they were certainly active all day I was there!


They’re incredibly adorable and inquisitive.


After lunch, I was exhausted, so I sat under a tree to nap and this little dudette woke me up by jumping into my lap and trying to steal my food.  I had to literally wrestle it back from her!


Someone finally convinced her to eat quokka food instead of people food.


This was right in front of my nap spot – I spent most of the afternoon just lazing under the tree, listening to a podcast.


When I took the ferry back to Fremont, my (engineer) friend Iain came to pick me up by a tunnel he suggested I visit – it turns out there was a huge art installation in front of it! (That’s Iain’s truck turning down the road.)

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